About The Company

OFOS Services Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 2006 as a Proprietorship firm till 2009, and thereafter transformed as a private limited firm. It has grown into a tall spectrum Service Provider for its clients in India and has maintained a leadership position through the years based on valuable promises. OFOS Services Pvt. Ltd. is a company committed to the advancement in Software Development, Corporate Training, Consultancy Services, Management Services, BrakesDown Service, Accounts Solutions, and Event Management to growing companies.


Our mission is to provide world class quality services to all our clients and customers irrespective of their size of business and location, through cutting edge solutions and innovative process thus resulting in employee satisfaction, higher productivity and improved bottom line.

Values & Beliefs

Creativity & Innovation: We constantly explore "out of square" ideas and ways of doing things.
Integrity We believe in being honest ethical and realistic to everyone we interact with.

Customer Focus

We seek regular customer feedback and constantly act upon it. We create customer friendly procedures and always respect deadlines.

Employee Focus

We foster respect to individuals, high standards of professionalism and performance. We constantly work towards motivating and empowering our employees.


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